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This Moon Cycle at Witchvox....

Intro: Pagans, Heathens and Recons by Wren [465,073 reads]

A Brief Introduction:The following introduction is offered here to help to dispel many of the myths surrounding Neo-paganism, Witchcraft and the Heathen and Reconstructionist religions. The ways of many Neo-Pagan traditions, religions and groups, as well as some of the Heathen and Reconstructionist religions, are described in even more detail on various other pages on this Web site and elsewhere on the net.This 'overview' is a very generalized rendition of some Neo-Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, Heathen and Reconstructionist religions and may not necessarily reflect the beliefs of all Pagan or Heathen individuals, religions or traditions. Pagans:Paganism is not a single religion, but an umbrella term for... [more]

The White Goddess: A Seminal Work in the Neo-Wiccan Movement. by Sorbus [5,031 reads]

One of the most important works in the modern Wiccan movement is this complex book. It is the first book I bought on the path that led my spiritual curiosity to Wicca. I bought my now very tired copy at my college bookstore on a whim back in 1981 or 82. The title intrigued me. Who was this Goddess and what did she have to do with poetry? Some time later I put the book down with a half-baked notion of what the hell Graves was talking about. Much of what was between the pages went well beyond what my then 19-year-old self was able to understand. ‘A war of the trees?’ A universal Goddess of three aspects? Secret codes in poems? Okay, I got the Goddess part. I wanted to write poems and had the usual romantic notions that guys with no clue about relationships have. Years later, ... [more]

The Sacred Ego in Mediterranean Magical Traditions by Kedeshim [5,341 reads]

Hubris gets bandied around a lot in revivals or reconstructions of Hellenic, Hellenistic, and Roman polytheism. It has been conveyed one of the most reprehensible crimes or impure actions one can make. In the lore, acting from hubris generally resulted in the Fates stepping in, overriding the Gods in some cases, and the guilty party getting their ass served to Kereberos.Needless to say, it has become popular to levy accusations of hubris against any person or organization that one disagrees with.But what is hubris?Hubris* is usually (quickly) translated as arrogance or pompous pride. This quick translation is usually offered when trying to explain one’s beliefs and devotions to intrigued family, friends, et al. In this light, such definition is a decent perspective,... [more]

Parting the Veils of Beltane's Quickening by Robin Fennelly [Wvox Sponsor] [3,910 reads]

The Great Wheel of the Witch’s year has turned once more and we find ourselves held within the magick of creation itself. The Sabbat of Beltane celebrates the sacred union of the God and Goddess and the potential for new life that is held in that act. The Goddess is the Maiden of Spring who is ready to take a lover. And, the God is the Youth, strong and potent in his fecundity. His gifts are those of the strengthening of the solar energies and, Hers are the response as lover and fertile womb for the quickening of new life.Beltane is a joyous celebration of life, passion and the desire for the one to become two. It is a celebration of partnership and the sharing of the fires of new life that move throughout the realms of creation in all of its forms. We circle round the Maypole, the... [more]

Tarot Talk: the Ace of Swords by Ignacio Ceja [Wvox Sponsor] [4,593 reads]

The Aces of the tarot represent the beginnings of things. They are the seeds of power for their representative suits. Swords can be a troublesome. They are associated with knights, pirates, and officers in the military (the sword in one form or another is still part of the modern military officer’s uniform) . They are weapons of war, and symbols of peace. They were once the not-so-concealed firearms of their time. The Ace of Swords represents thoughts, ideas, and awareness, but also problems, self-righteousness, and manifest destiny. The Ace of Swords represents the cutting power of our words, be they true or false, spoken or printed. We must never forget that even in the tarot, the sword is a weapon.In the Rider-Waite inspired decks, a sword is presented with its point thrusting u... [more]

Yule-Tide Reflections by Alfred Willowhawk, DMsc, MS, Shamanic Practitioner [Wvox Sponsor] [3,818 reads]

As the Sun King has returned I think on all that has happened the past solar year. It has been a year of much change for many others and me. Some apparently positive and some apparently negative. Of course as a Warrior of the New Millennium I attach no judgment to these changes. I have seen much evidence of release of the Piscean Age’s grip on the now Aquarian Age world. I can only truly speak for myself and as I sit here after Solar Return Day and my Birth Day I am truly blessed by All My Relations. This year I watched people in my community gather together with Lady Willo’ and I to shower us with blessings in a way that I have never felt before. I have watched the community begin to heal from past hurts, and to join together in mutual support that hints at the new balance and har... [more]

Thanksgiving Memories of a Native American by Lady Abigail Welcher [4,685 reads]

Thanksgiving has always been a strange and difficult time for me. Sometimes it was hard to understand or accept how some would celebrate this holiday. Perhaps it is because I am not only a card carrying Witch but I am also a proud card carrying Native American who in childhood spent many of her holidays on the reservation with family members.I understand giving thanks for all the amazing gifts of life and the blessings given us by the Goddess. I try to do this every day. But for myself, I see this holiday as a day of mourning the near alienation of our sisters and brothers of all Native American heritages and also as a time of loss for many personally within these amazing traditions.In school we were taught how the Pilgrims discovered America. This might surprise some but t... [more]

Also Featured...
  • Magic in Daily Life by Alexia Moon [5,495 reads]

    One of the magical aspects in the life of a Witch is how we manage to include magic in everything we do, in our homes, in our cars, at work, on trips, in everyday life. Even the simple task of cooking breakfast can be a magical experience for a Witch! Magic, contrary to popular belief, is everywhere around us and we can use it not only to improve our lifestyle but also to connect more to our magical path and the worship and relationship with the deities or entities we work with. In this article I intend to address how Magic can be included in our daily lives even in the smallest things, which may be simple but can have a big impact on your experience.Some tips that you can apply in your day to day: • When cooking, draw sigils/runes or other symbols with oil so that ... [more]

  • The Wheel of the Year in Our Daily Lives by Alexia Moon [3,689 reads]

    Most Pagan paths celebrate seasonal rites. These are different in name and traditions depending on the Pagan paths we are talking about but the final goal is the same: To connect to Nature. In this article I will take into account the Wiccan Wheel of the Year since it’s the most celebrated both by Wiccans and even several non-Wiccans.The Wheel of the Year is of essence in a Wiccan’s life and path and also in the life of the Witches and Pagans who also decide to celebrate this set of festivities. We celebrate the Wheel’s rituals and cycles, we dance, we laugh, and we light bonfires and make corn dolls. Eight times a year we meet with our friends and companions or we opt to celebrate alone in the presence of the Gods but we always take some of our time to dedicate ourselves to the ce... [more]

  • Sin Eaters and Dream Walkers by Shion Flame [4,683 reads]

    My recent dreams of a human with an odd gift have lent inspiration to begin this article. The dream begins on the outskirts of the woods. A woman lives in a small cabin and her face is kept hidden beneath a tattered cloth. She spends time with animals more than people who keep their eyes to the ground in fear of her. They came to her when they were troubled or a relative had recently passed away. As the observer in the dream, I thought I was looking at the witch archetype until she began to pull strange, living black clouds out of both the living and the dead.Dreaming of Sin-EatersLiving black clouds were a dream image I’d been accustomed to since 2005. I didn’t have a logical reference for the symbol but found it noted in my journal through the year. The dream conti... [more]

  • On Cursing: Politics and Ethos by Kedeshim [4,789 reads]

    Most of what passes for Occultism in general and Witchcraft in particular is a shallow, ineffectual caricature of the Art. We could fault the good intentions of folks in the early era of the Revival, who erred on a good image and public relations. We could fault the current culture of instant gratification without hard-ass, sweaty, bone-whitening work. Or we could fault a host of other factors (or combination thereof) . And, truthfully, it is OK: the real Mysteries, the real Disciplines, the real meat-on-the-bones Sorcery, will still exist, quietly, as they always have.Or will they? I suppose THAT question is one that is beyond the scope of this article. Some of us will always remember: real Witchcraft and real Magic has fangs filled with venom. Whether that venom kills you... [more]

  • A Distant Thunder: Should You Care? by Sorbus [4,102 reads]

    I sure hope I am wrong about this. However I’m a student of history, and recent history is looking like an eerie mirror of a process which happened in my parent’s and grand parent’s lifetime. You see, I grew up in the shadow of the holocaust. The family I grew up in saw terrible things done to fellow humanity and the lessons have stuck.Even though I was lucky enough never had to directly experience the raw hatred and upheaval this period wrought, its lessons resonate across their generations to mine. .Rage. A century ago the world was plunged into a cycle of violence and genocide. It was a process which took nearly 40 years to run its course before a new generation of stability was established. The rise and fall in the 20th century of the statist systems with the holocausts... [more]

  • Tarot Talk: the Knight of Pentacles by Ignacio Ceja [Wvox Sponsor] [3,402 reads]

    Knights are the embodiment of elemental fire within the Royal court. The Knight of Pentacles is the fiery aspect of earth. Knights are trained and educated fighters who go on quests, winning and conquering, although not always with a sword. Knights are characters of action. The Knight of Pentacles seems to be the opposite of his contemporaries. In the Rider-Waite inspired decks, he* sits upright on a horse that is going nowhere. He holds a pentacle, but he does not look at it; instead, he looks off into the distance. Looking, but not moving, he is still. He is patient. Where is the action? Where is the adventure? This is the mystery of the Knight of Pentacles, and one that is often misunderstood. The Knight of Pentacles is a person of measured action who takes a long view, directs his atte... [more]

  • The Gray of 'Tween by Merideth Allyn [6,179 reads]

    It is gray. Everything is gray, and it feels a moody, heavy, wooden gray, and it is ice cold like gun metal inside and out. The white paper birches look misty gray, and old, and gray snow blankets the frozen grass, making it look leaden and colder than the twenty-three degrees it actually is during this late ‘tween time of day in the early ‘tween time of year. February. But no yellow crocus emerge from the frigid ground, regardless the fact that it is the birthing time that heralds spring.Long, steel fingers reach out from the moist, wet mist as I shuffle-skate, almost falling, toward the holly bush that is my most ardent destination and my desire. The holly bush that is covered with honest to God/dess red berries…the color of blood and life. Oh, how I crave color. Red! It might ha... [more]

  • Becoming a Sacred Dancer by Lady Haight-Ashton (Lady Lilith) [Wvox Sponsor] [6,053 reads]

    What is the allure for a dancer to embrace the sacred within? Is it just simply a moment in time or an experience that influences our destiny? Do the Muses push us toward our path? I believe we are all dancers in our hearts. Our bodies feel rhythms to which most of us will move our heads, others tap their feet while some of us release our inhibitions and let our bodies move in rhythmic expression. Dance movement gives us a creative connection to our inner spirit. It is liberating to our souls and healing to our mind and body. “The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.” - Isadora Duncan. The beginnings of civilization and the evolution of communication into ritual to honor the seasons, animals, and elements brought us the earliest expression of sacr... [more]

  • What I Get from Cooking (And How it’s Part of My Path) by Nar Leoterra [4,617 reads]

    Of course I get food out of cooking, but I get so much more than a meal out of the process. For me, the act of meal preparation is an exercise in spirituality as well. Allow me to elaborate. I am what I call an Agnostic Pagan, or Pagan-ish Agnostic, depending on the day. I have written about this topic before, so I won’t go into it too much here. I will say that I connect more with the wheel of the year, the changing of the seasons, than I do with the (to me) rather abstract notion of ‘god (s) ’. I do not have a garden currently. I have a postage stamp-sized yard and a brown thumb. However, I was raised by a mother who is also an avid gardener. It is something she does because she enjoys growing food, and it is something she does so we can *have* food. She may not identify ... [more]

  • A Witch in the Bible Belt: Questions are Opportunities by Shion Flame [6,207 reads]

    I am sure that I’m not the only witch out there who has been asked the question on whether or not I believe in god. My usual approach is to first consider who is asking, determine if there is a reason for their question and then come up with a response that illustrates calculated intelligence as well as a suggestion to inspect their own meanings before inquiring such things of others. To put it simply, in the beginning, people attempting to pick me apart were profoundly annoying to me. The Bible belt isn’t terrible but it does come with its challenges. Over the years, I’ve learned what to avoid and how to tread but on many occasions people will seem to pop up out of nowhere with the kind of questioning that makes most of us squirm on the inside at least. For a little while it felt ... [more]

    • Paganism and Witchcraft in the Media by Alexia Moon [1,912 reads]

      Paganism and Witchcraft, as a set of beliefs and craft, respectively, are subject to being referred to and spoken in the media. Today I plan to tackle a bit at how, Paganism and Witchcraft are viewed and portrayed by the media nowadays, mostly television, literature, media and cinema. I will use the term "witch" in the feminine but this applies to both women and men. Let’s start with Literature. Since forever that fairy tales with witches and gnomes and dragons are a part of people's mind and memories, specially authors, making them write some of the most brilliants pieces of work of our days (let's take as an example Marion Zimmer Bradley and J. R. R. Tolkien) . Many works of literature, especially in the Fantasy theme, are based on Pagan standards and with pagan connotations. One... [more]

    • Samhain and the 'Witch Questions' by Lady Abigail Welcher [9,070 reads]

      It’s almost Samhain and here they come again, the WITCH Questions.Have you ever noticed, that as fall begins and our energies surge within the mystic powers of Samhain, people want to ask us questions about our beliefs? But not so much those that would bring understanding, but …“Why?” Why we are the way we are and what made us this way? Like something happened to make us Witches. Most questions I have heard and honestly don’t mind answering. That is how we all learn and I do believe that in understanding we will all grow in peace and love.But for me, it seems we get even more of those questions about the, “When, ” and, “Why, ” of our being Witches.What Got You Into This Witch Thing?I am, and have always been, a Witch. Blessed to be raised by my beautiful Gre... [more]

    • Witch? by Auryia Sage [4,375 reads]

      What would you call me?I'm just now realizing that for as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in all things deemed, "witchy". As a child, I remember while other girls my age were playing house with their dolls, I would be out collecting rocks and crystals. While they were playing games of tag; catch, and Red Rover; I would be playing under the trees in the densely wooded areas near our house; totally unafraid to be out on my own. I used to love lying in the grass, walking barefoot, and staring up at the stars or clouds in the sky. (I still do, actually.) I loved playing in the dirt, and feeling the cool dampness against my skin. (My cousin had a worm farm, and I would be the only girl there playing with the worms.) I loved all the little crawly insects and... [more]

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